Other Services

Legal Courier Services

Handling of Court Filings, Complaints, Subpoenas & Mobile Notary

We specialize in the transportation and handling of legal document and motion filing, document delivery to clients and opposing counsel, check depositing, same-day courthouse filings and more.

Morning Star Delivery provides mobile notary services when you need documents notarized for delivery or upon receipt.
We service attorneys, legal professionals and government officials as a leader setting the standard for legal courier specialists.

Our Couriers are Bonded and Insured.

Financial Courier Services

Delivery of Mortgage Documents, Actuary Reports,Payroll,Deposits & Mobile Notary

Morning Star Delivery has many years of experience delivering documents for all types of businesses and financial institutions. We deliver several stops a day on both routine and on call basis for banking and financial institutions.
We service banks, credit unions, insurance and trust companies, brokerage firms, mortgage companies, accounting firms, federal agencies and private businesses

Our Couriers Make Secure, On Time Deliveries
                   With the Essential Tracking and Control Documentation.

Medical Courier Services

Delivering Medical Specimens, Surgical Trays, Medical Records & Pharmaceuticals

Morning Star Delivery has earned the trust and respect of doctors, technicians, and medical professionals as a leader setting the standard for all medical courier specialists. Morning Star Delivery specializes in delivering of medical specimens, x-rays, files, supplies and equipment.

Our couriers and contractors are educated and continue to participate in operations and safety training programs for materials handling and management of specimens, products, and medical supplies. Morning Star Delivery will guarantee your stat or routine specimens will be delivered on time in proper testing condition.
We service laboratories, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical distributors, physicians, and nursing homes.

Our Couriers are Trained and in Compliance
with All Federal and State Laws and Regulations.

Routes and Scheduled Services

Publication, dock-clear, mail runs, and intra-office  transport.

Morning Star Delivery  can create a specilal route or scheduled pricing to fit your companies specific needs. By using a routed system for routine pick-ups we are able to develope a consistency with your clients by allowing certain couriers to handle just your account. This allows you and your customers to have name/face recognition with our reliable, dependable, and trustworthy drivers.

Our Couriers are uniformed, cleancut, knowledgeable
men and women who can “get-it-there.”